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GSP-2900 Stick Fixed Phone Unit

GSP-2900 Stick Fixed Phone Unit
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Brand: Globalstar
Model: GSP-2900S

Ideal for installation in maritime or other extreme weather environments, the GSP-2900 fixed phone allows for mounting the sensitive phone components in a protected area while mounting the antenna outside (with a clear line of sight to the satellites). This allows for operation in temperatures between -40F to 185F. The GSP-2900 uses the same 22"H x 1"W stick antenna that comes with a GSP-2900, but is modified for mounting. Cabling from the antenna to the phone unit is available in 20, 30 and 55-foot lengths. All other features are identical to the GSP-2900. This antenna configuration is best for tropical or northern zone installations, such as Florida, the Caribbean or Alaska. (14 Day Lead Time)

Installation required. Service Agreement required for activation.

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