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APX8500 P25 All-Band Mobile Two-Way Radio

APX8500 P25 All-Band Mobile Two-Way Radio
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Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: APX8500
A high-speed chase. A massive traffic accident. A natural disaster. First responders must be ready to communicate at a moment’s notice in any situation. The new APX 8500 all-band mobile radio combines unlimited interoperability, secure WiFi connectivity and purpose-built design, enabling ease of installation and removal. It can easily connect to the VML750 LTE vehicle modem via the micro USB interface and utilize the (4G/3G) commercial network to create an in-vehicle ecosystem for offloading data applications in the field, increasing the safety and efficiency of public safety users in and around the vehicle.
4-in-1 Radio:
7/800 MHz, VHF and UHF Range 1 and Range 2 bands
Modes and Protocols include: 
Analog MDC-1200 and QCII, Digital P25, Conventional or Trunked, Smartnet / SmartZone, clear or secure, repeater or direct.
Update Your Radio Fleet Software more efficiently without interrupting voice communications or waiting for idle radios.
Up to 20 WiFi Networks can be provisioned in the radio so that users can seamlessly receive radio software updates at facility WiFi access points or in the field via WiFi hot spots.
GPS Outdoor Personnel Tracking shares your personnel's location, resulting in more efficient task assignment and enhanced officer safety.
Mission Critical Geofence ensures fast communication and collaboration across multiple departments arriving on a scene by automatically placing first responders in the same talkgroup when they enter an agency-defined virtual barrier. 
Multiple Hardware Encryption Algorithms like AES, DES, ADP with up to 128 keys so sensitive information stays protected from scanners and eavesdroppers.
Over-the-air Re-key (OTAR) to efficiently update encryption keys of fielded radios over time.
P25 Radio Authentication ensures only valid users can access the system.
Two-factor Authentication allows users to securely query databases.
Intelligent Lighting uses three simple colors to alert users of critical radio events like emergency, low battery, out of range and private calls and pages.
Voice Announcement provides audible confirmation of zone/channel selections and various feature like scan, direct mode, emergency, encryption and controls lock.
Ease of Installation: Simplified dash mount design is quick and easy to install
RFID Asset Tracking 
Twelve-character RFID asset tracking provides a convenient method of obtaining valuable asset tracking information without having to uninstall the radio.
IP56 Water-intrusion Rating gives you the confidence that your mobile will continue to perform even if exposed to water.
MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating ensures you can rely on your radio in the most extreme environments.

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