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Keypad Microphone
Model: HMN4079
Provides push-to-talk functionality and allows users to access other critical features directly f..
Roof Antenna Mount
Model: 3080384M48
This is a 3/4 roof antenna mount with 17 ft. of RG58A/U cable, mini-UHF crimp.   ..
Black Ear Microphone
Model: BDN6768
This black microphone is used with the HT professional series or EX-series Ear Microphone System ..
IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone
Model: PMMN4025
This accessory conveniently clips to your shirt pocket or lapel and enables easy communication wi..
Earpiece with In-Line Microphone and PTT
Model: 56517
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable accessory allows users to receive communi..
Leather Carry Case with 2.5" Swivel Belt Loop
Model: PMLN5843
Carrying cases are available in sizes designed to fit your radio and battery and permit audio to ..
Medium Black Earholder
Model: 0180358B33
This medium size, black earholder secures the ear microphone in the ear. The lightweight unit pic..
Remote Speaker Microphone
Model: HMN9031
This product is a Remote Speaker Microphone.  ..
Heavy Duty Headset with PTT on Earcup, Noise Reduction=24dB
Model: PMLN5320
There is currently no description for this product. ..
Beige IMPRES Surveillance Kit
Model: RLN5883
Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. They are ide..
PTT Interface Module for Ear Microphone System
Model: AARMN4044
This is the interface module required for all Professional Series Ear Microphone Systems that are..
Remote Speaker Microphone Replacement Cable
Model: RLN6075
Replacement coil cord for Remote Speaker Microphone part numbers, PMMN4025, PMMN4046, and PMMN405..
UHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 430-470 MHz
Model: PMAE4023
UHF/GPS combination stubby antenna for the 430-470 MHz range. This 9cm stubby antenna is ideal wh..
XRT9000/XRT9100 Gateway
Model: XRT9000-9100
XRT 9000 Gateway is designed to perform protocol translation for equipment and applications wishi..
Earpiece With Volume Control
Model: HMN9752B